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"Thank you! Finally a makeup (ProAiir) that held up to hours of running, sweating, humidity, and being touched. We will only use this product from now on and have thrown out all of our "store bought" makeup. For our party, which included guests from as far away as Boston, Dallas, and even Austin, people are beyond impressed and now want the makeup. We created a "monster". LOL We will be using the makeup to attend another party this Thursday. It's an annual party of over 500 people. The people will be hitting me up for the information on where we got it. More so when I show them you can touch it without it coming off - unlike the cheap wally world stuff they will be using as their "makeup of choice". ProAiir flowed very well through our airbrush system. Colors are vivid, bright, and true. Beyond impressive. Thanks ShowOffs/ProAiir for helping us create a monster...in more ways than one! We will place an order early next year for our next event."
- Michael -

"We had a very productive photoshoot yesterday and I am very pleased with your (ProAiir Hybrid) product, I must say. Especially durability and how easy it came off. First time in forever I did not need to clean a shower afterwards. The makeup held up beautifully on our model after 2.5 hrs under water. Only the face faded a little because she started scrubbing before we got the camera ready. "
- Wolf Reicherter - wolf-bodymagic -

"I just wanted to let you know how much I love ProAiir hybrid airbrush make up. I bought the UV make up last year and I finally had the opportunity to use them this past weekend for a party on a boat dock. The coverage was wonderful! One client requested art work that required me to use my regular brushes. The liquid make up worked out just as good! I will be adding to my ProAiir collection as my airbrush techniques grow.  I have only airbrushed twice and ProAiir has saved me both times! Thank you SO much!!"
- Vicki Long - FacesByMe -

"Thank you so much Donna! I am so impressed with your customer service, I'm going to be a customer for life. I've added four new artists in the past 6 months and I credit your stencils as the reason that we get referred and invited to the biggest, most prestigious events in Baltimore. Your stencils enable us to do elaborate designs quickly, which is important when servicing large events. We had 400 kids at the Baltimore Country Club Independence Day Carnival and I had 4 face paint artists and 2 airbrush artists sharing stencils and using ProAiir. It was crazy, but we were a huge hit!"
- Debbie Meagher - Meagher Designs -

"Thank you so much for developing such wonderful products such as Stencil Eyes and Proaiir Hybrid makeup! Our fire performance group Starlight Alchemy (Singapore) recently performed at the Hong Kong International Night Parade, and your long wearing makeup withstood hours of abuse from fire, heat and sweat. We also used Stencil Eyes for lightning fast makeup sessions for over twenty performers, and the results have just been amazing. HUGE Thanks! We couldn’t have done it without your incredible products."
- Karen Ng, Starlight Alchemy (Singapore) -

"I've used both Wolfe's and Graftobian's hybrid Bodypaint. I've had bad experiences with both. Both with paint quality as well as customer service. Sorry but it's true. Sometimes I think some of these makeup companies just get too big for their britches and forget about the artists in the trenches that rely on these products. So when you're on the spot, it's your big chance! You're working for an international mega product bodypainting for a magazine shoot and the paint you just applied starts to flake off. Or you are one day away from opening a water resistant face paint booth at a waterpark, you've been waiting 2 weeks for your product to come, and when it finally shows up its coagulated in chunks no amount of shaking will fix, then yeah, you'd better trust that your brand has your back! (The latter wouldn't even exchange the bad product cuz it would cost them more to ship it back and replace it than the product was worth to them!!!) I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if I were in a bind, all I'd have to do is call Donna Nowak. Period. If there was even the slightest problem she'd climb through the phone to make it right. (All of these stories are true by the way) not only have I had no issues whatsoever with the quality of the Pro Aiir product, I'd do the Pepsi challenge with any other similar product and I'm confident it'd kick their butts."
- Dutch Bihary, WA Contours -

"Yesterday I did a 'marketing' 4 hour gig for an educational/fun family event. I didn't have the 'lines' like others describe but had to stop for a while during the 4 hours to visit the facilities. I used the Zero G and still prefer it above other systems. Multi-brush would have been a better type of gun, but I would have had 14 guns set up and would have to had cleaned 14 of them sometime today. In the 14 slots for the ZG cartridges, each comparable in function to a single brush of some kind, I had many 'brands' of ink. The Vibe had already been donated to a 'rookie' on here for them to practice with. The remaining types were, Olive Branch, Endura, Graftobian FX, and Pro Air. The Olive Branch worked so poorly that I actually dumped the ink out of the cartridge, threw the balance of what was left in the sample jar, into the trash. Had that same experience with two different colors and didn't want to 'risk' experiencing it with others. Not blaming...just MY experience with it. The Graftobian and the Endura worked about as equally a well but I would give the edge to the Graftobian. Both worked well enough that I could have used them with just minor frustration. The champ by far was Pro Air. No matter what color or how long since I had used that particular cartridge/brush, it always worked, dependently, and the flow of the liquid spray was visibly more even and smoother than any of the rest. It was a giant leap ahead of the rest. In the future, my kit will have about 90% Pro Air and a few of the other brands and colors will be used for the 'bling' function. If I am confident that Pro Air has comparable colors, and it probably does, my kit will be simple. Nothing but Pro Air. I don't work for any of the above manufacturers, it was just MY experience."
- Jim Fulton -

"My New favorite hybrid airbrush body paint is hands down ProAiir! It's fantastically vibrant with no unpleasant smell. It's smooth, non clogging, and blends amazingly. One feature I was particularly impressed with was it doesn't create a cloud of overspray like other brands I've used. That, and the fact that its made in the USA, make ProAiir my new brand! Where can you get some? Contact Donna Nowak with ShowOffs BodyArt! She'll hook you up!"
- Dutch Bihary -

"There are so many things to like about ProAiir; First, it smells like apples, Waaaaaay better than the alcohol/chemical smell of other paints. Second, it sprays soooo smoothly, more like traditional airbrush paints and far less likely to clog up. Third, the colors are STRIKING! The regular blue is stunning, and I love that there are two yellows for me to pick from. The purple is so pretty. Fourth, super easy to clean up from the airbrushes! Quick easy clearing with Windex. Fifth and finally... The price!!!! At just over half the price of the Graftobian I was using, this stuff is awesome for work AND play! I painted my entire right arm bright blue and worked with scaling and shading to give it a blue dragon feel... And it took about 15 minutes, and 1/12 of a bottle... Perfect, fun, affordable! I love this new paint!"
- Joshua Carlson -

"I am extremely pleased with the ProAiir paints. They flow incredibly well through an airbrush consistently with NO clogging, without loss of pigment or durability. Great for Beginners and Old Pros alike. A GREAT product that I HIGHLY recommend to ANYONE interested in airbrushing. Donna's stencils make airbrushing FUN and FAST! I'm an FX artist by trade and not a face/body painter but at a recent haunted house I used her Voodoo stencil and it had me punching out clients in under 15 minutes that looked like I'd spent an HOUR on! That ADDS UP, and makes for a happy customer!."
- RJ Haddy - FaceOff Season 2 Finalist and Fan Favorite -

"I love the ProAiir tattoo ink and hybrid face paint; it flows very nice and IT SAVES ME MONEY!!!! I would not sacrifice quality for price but so far I find your face paint equally as durable as other hybrid brands that I was using but less clogging with the ProAiir. The tattoo ink hands down is the best ink that I have used thus far and I've tried just about all inks on the market. Thanks for making the new line - I love it!"
- Todd Blouin - LA Ultimate Temp Tats -

"Hi Donna, I received my previous order and I love the new hybrid ProAIIR...soooo good!!! Smells great, love the matte finish, sprays nicely. Everything you have claimed is true! Love it!"
- Michelle Blackston - CA Inner Beauty Out -

"First, I would like to say a very big thank you for sharing your amazing eye stencils with all us face painters. I have recently got back into face painting and now have 6 of your stencils, and recently ordered another 4, they are an absolute god send and all my clients love them."
- Paul Davis UK Face2face -

"We love our stencils! We have used them at our local farmers market the last couple of weeks and the customers are blown away with the results. We are still getting used to adjusting the stencil to flow with individuals face contours but all in all we are very pleased with your product. We will be ordering more designs in the future for sure. Thanks again for the great customer service and we look forward to doing lots of buisness with you in the future."
- Todd Blouin -

"I just had to email you to thank you for a wonderful product (StencilEyes) that made me look really good in the eyes of the festival organizers! The face painting was successful beyond my expectations. I witnessed the power of a little girl's begging to their parents (mostly the dad's) to get their faces painted by me. Most were very successful ;0). I had lines waiting from the time I opened my booth until closing every day of the festival. Even my husband was impressed. I've attached some photos to show some of my work. I wish I had taken more but I was so busy I had to work fast. I am so glad that I added StencilEyes to my services. Keep up the good work!"
- Mary Ann Voss - Bohemian Body Art LLC -

"If I was only doing tattoos, I would go broke! StencilEyes (airbrush face painting stencils) are saving me!"
- Dianna Jowers - Tats 4 Now -

"Are you kidding?! StencilEyes are great! We showed other artists how to use the skull (VooDoo) with any scary character. To me, these stencils make face painting fast and easy for artists of any skill level! They helped us out allot! (when used in a demonstration at TransWorld 2011)"
- Nick Wolfe -  Evil Twin Productions -

"Donna, I received both of my packages today. Thank you! I had been meaning to order some QuickEZ but kind of forgot. As soon as I get a chance I am going to definitely sit down and get some more. As always your customer service has exceeded my expectations!"
- Amy Koss -  Air Affair Body Art -

"I can't brag enough on your product, and that's for certain!!  Got a handful of your competitor's stencils through a friend, they can't even COMPARE to yours.  I literally looked at your stencils (back when I first received them) and could easily see how to do the basics and stated to be inspired for my own twists to them.  Your competitor's, not so much... I had to spend 5 or 10 minutes sorting through them to figure out what goes where and VERY little room to be "creative".  :-(
- Big John Robinson -  The Bengal Bomb Squad! -

"I took Donna's show off eye stencils to a festival in Bristol, PA.  The kids loved their faces and best of all the parents were amazed at how quickly we could do a face.  As the kids walked around families were seeking us out to get their children's faces done.  We had such a great day thanks to show off eye stencils.  But none of this would have been possible without all the help and support I received from Donna.  She never failed to take time out of her busy day to get in touch and offer assistance.  Donna not only has a magnificent product, but is a wonderful person.  Thank you Donna I could not have done it without you."
- Karen Leone, 3 Girlz Creationz  Philadelphia, PA -

"StencilEyes from ShowOffs Body Art are awesome!  From the very first meeting with Donna Nowak my experience has been spectacular.  She is very patient and helpful when I call to discuss ordering or new ideas of how to use the stencils.  Her YouTube videos made it very easy to train my face painters and the product is a HUGE success.  I am happy we went with Stencil Eyes and am excited to continue using this product for many years to come."
- Fred Velasquez, Operations Manager of Cliffs Amusement Park, NM -

"I thought you would like to know that with the economy as slow as it is, I did exceptionally well at our last spot in Houston.  I know it was due to your full-face stencils.  My sales were up 67% even with several days of horrible weather.  I was able to show all the girls how to use them quickly and the customers were extremely satisfied over traditional face painting.  Thank you for a really terrific and profitable product."
- Rosie Sander, TX -

"Watching Donna's videos has put me levels above the competition!  I just did an event of 800 people with a confidence I wouldn't have had before watching her videos.  Donna's videos are fun and informative, and I learn something new every time I watch them.  Two thumbs WAY UP!"
- Jared, Ugly Duck Airbrushing -

"I saw Showoffs Body Art eye stencils at the 2009 Face and Body Art Convention in Orlando.  It was a hard choice to pick the ones that I was going to take home with me.  I don't do much airbrushing except for Temporary Tattoos but I was able to produce some really awesome faces with the eye stencils in no time at all.  If you are an inexperienced face painter that wants to get awesome results these are the stencils to get.  They are great crowd pleasers for the young and old.  The Graftobian F/X aire makeup held up in the heat and did not sweat off my client's faces.  Best of all this product washes off with soap and water.  Donna's eye stencils are awesome.  I am going to order more for sure"
- Kathy Oros, Premier Face Painting -

"I love Stencil Eyes!  I will be taking my Temporary Tattoo, Body Painting and Face Painting Business to higher levels with stencil eyes.  These amazing stencils help create dramatic results in so little time.  The kids go nuts for these designs.  I can't wait to order them all!"
- Deana Klein, WV aka Black and Blue Tattoos -

"The stencils have worked FABULOUSLY!!  Actually, at a charity event we did in September, I had a true airbrush artist scheduled to do freehand face painting, but he had to cancel at the last minute.  With no time to practice, I was doing face-painting on my own while actually running the event.  Thanks to the stencils, not only was I able to do the job masterfully... but I had a line that never stopped!!  We had kids and guests all waiting and eager to get a game face on!  In about 50 minutes, I was able to do over 20 different faces... and that's with absolutely NO airbrush art experience whatsoever!  Recently, I finally cleaned my stencils off after a few games... and was further amazed at how quickly and easily they cleaned up with a little alcohol!! Just unbelievable."
- Big John Robinson -  The Bengal Bomb Squad! -