SOLIDS - Brush On

ProAiir SOLIDS (Palettes and Singles) is a Hybrid water resistant formula in dry cake form. SOLIDS deliver all the great qualities of ProAiir Hybrid (water resistant, smudge proof, fast drying, pleasant smelling, etc), but in a solid cake form, ideal for sponge and brush application.  

A few things worth noting when deciding whether ProAiir SOLIDS are right for you:

1. SOLIDS is a highly concentrated Hybrid formula dense in pigment. The staying power of SOLIDS exceeds all other ProAiir Hybrid Makeup products. Designs done in SOLIDS may last for days and may require scrubbing, baby oil, or even Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) to remove sooner. SOLIDS are ideal for super hot, humid climates, pool parties, perspiration resistance, etc.

2. Because SOLIDS dry rather quickly, blending of colors can be tricky, but is possible. For example, Yellow over Blue will produce Green. Likewise, White over Blue will produce a light shade of Blue. To achieve pure White, apply SOLIDS White directly to the skin.

3. To achieve optimal results, SOLIDS should be activated with ProAiir ProLong.  IPA, even 99%, may lead to flaking of finished designs.

4. ProAiir SOLIDS are Phthalate-Free (i.e. contain no plasticizers). Maintaining our commitment to completely SKIN SAFE makeup in this way leads to a better, safer product for you and your models. Click on the link below if you wish to become more familiar with phthalates.

5. Creating split-cakes from ProAiir SOLIDS is nearly impossible. The absence of potentially harmful plasticizers in SOLIDS renders our cakes more brittle than those with phthalates.

SOLIDS are Gluten Free, are NOT tested on animals, and best of all - are SKIN SAFE. Contains fragrance of green apple. 

Do not use on sunburned skin or open wounds. ProAiir is manufactured and packaged in the USA.

Please note, neon pigments (aka UV, ultraviolet, black light, fluorescent) contain ingredients that have not yet been approved for use in cosmetics by the FDA, as they have yet to test them. However, these same ingredients have been tested and deemed safe for cosmetic use by independent, US-based laboratories. Following FDA guidelines, colors containing neon pigments are labeled as Special FX products to be used on prosthetics, clothing, etc.

For concerns about use directly on skin, applying a fine layer of "white" color as a barrier before applying neon pigments is recommended. All white makeup products are made with the natural ingredient "Titanium Dioxide" which helps blocks the absorption of UV.