Hybrid - Face/Body

Stand out from the competition with water resistant ProAiir Hybrid Makeup for use on face & body, hair, foam appliances, fabric and more. ProAiir is highly pigmented and highly durable such that it won’t smear or transfer, even under extreme conditions. It’s also smooth flowing, soft to the touch, dries fast, ready to use straight from the bottle, and extremely versatile. Apply with airbrush, brush or sponge. With it’s durability, ProAiir is perfect for movie and theatrical productions, pool parties, festivals and even bounce houses. Under most conditions, designs with ProAiir last 1-3 days and fade naturally, similar to beauty makeup.

Perhaps best of all, ProAiir, with it’s blend of FDA approved cosmetic alcohol and professional grade ingredients, is certified “SKIN SAFE” by an independent, US-based laboratory. Unlike other alcohol-based makeup, ProAiir Hybrid Makeup removes gently and easily with liquid soap.  Contains fragrance of green apple.

At ShowOffs Body Art, ProAiir comes in a vast array of vibrant colors, including UV (black light) activated fluorescents. and is always in stock and ready to ship.

Please note, neon pigments (aka UV, ultraviolet, black light, fluorescent) contain ingredients that have not yet been approved for use in cosmetics by the FDA, as they have yet to test them. However, these same ingredients have been tested and deemed safe for cosmetic use by independent, US-based laboratories. Following FDA guidelines, colors containing neon pigments are labeled as Special FX products to be used on prosthetics, clothing, etc.

For concerns about use directly on skin, applying a fine layer of "white" color as a barrier before applying neon pigments is recommended. All white makeup products are made with the natural ingredient "Titanium Dioxide" which helps blocks the absorption of UV.