Face Painting with ProAiir Hybrid and DIPS

Dotsey's Entertainment works a Caribbean Cruise

When face painting on a Caribbean Cruise, I spoke to parents about the results of ProAiir.  They told me it took longer to remove but was well worth it as it never smeared despite heat, sun and swimming!

Some things I learned when using ProAiir for the first time…
1) It's easiest to blend directly on the sponge – I sprayed the 2 colors I wanted directly onto the sponge, and then applied to the face.  Perfect blend every time!
2) FloPink and FloYellow look spectacular together!!  A little hint of blue in the yellow corner makes for a beautiful blue-green-yellow-orange-pink blend.
3) Customers should keep their eyes closed the entire time so that the alcohol has a chance to dissipate.  Otherwise, the alcohol fumes may sting sensitive eyes.  But it dissipate quickly.
4) To thin out Dips (or solidified ProAiir), I started out thinning it with alcohol… but then I discovered that if I thinned it out with a squirt or two of the same colored ProAiir, my color never thinned out, and the consistency became perfect!!
5) Proair is perfect for “one sponge per kid” painting.  You're able to add more paint to the sponge with the spray.
6) You can put white over black, but you can't put it over red!
7) I should have brought glitter gel instead of loose glitter!
8) The Fluorescent colors glow beautifully!!

Dotsey @ Dotsey's Entertainment, Canada

Josh Counsel Prefers ProAiir Hybrid!

While I've been touring, people always ask me why I like ProAiir the best and what sets it apart from the other products on the market. There are several reasons. I've used almost every airbrush paint on the market. Some are great in some areas but fall down in others.
- ProAiir has an excellent colour range. They stay bright and vivid.
- ProAiir flows through the airbrush cleanly and rarely clogs (if ever... usually it's my laziness in cleaning my tools since I do not have to so much since switching. I have cleaned my airbrushes once since I started my tour over a month ago).
- ProAiir does not fog up the room like many products do.
- ProAiir smalls great.
- ProAiir Hybrid holds up really well yet comes off with soap and water.
- ProAiir is priced really well and is more affordable than most other brands.

Josh Counsel - Bad Ass Body Paint, Utah 04/1/2014

Dutch Bihary Uses ProAiir for Convenience

ProAiir is hands down the best. I've written numerous testimonials that mirror what Josh Counsel has written here. I can honestly say that in all the conventions I've worked with Donna, I've never had to clean a gun... Snicker* because she cleans them! BWAHAHAH!

Dutch Bihary from Contoursfx, Washington 04/02/2014